Nos engagements RSE

Our CSR commitments

Let’s be the change we want our society to be


We build our CSR (Company Societal Responsibility) policy because we are convinced that we have to set up first the change of a globally more respectful world to make it happen. Because our territory have to develop itself by taking care of the environment, and our employees ’wellbeing is our performance, we decided to base our values around three pillars: Human, Health and Environment.



Respect and share with our employees are part

of our priorities, through the following actions:

Gender parity*
Partnership with an ESAT** : maintenance of green spaces, packaging of finished products ...
Participation in sporting events
Conviviality program, My Chemineau
A strong and long-term CSR policy with EOL conseil program
A proactive training plan
ANJAC'TIVE: internal innovation competition, 50% of Chemineau's files are related to CSR

* Women / Men Equality index : 96/100

** French Work and Support Assistance Establishment



As part of the health sector, it is important for us to value it through the following projects :

Blood donation twice a year
Audiogram campaign once a year
Road safety week
Training of 100% of collaborators on safety culture



Our ambition is to create sustainable value while respecting natural resources through the following actions:

Anjac Group Sustainable Purchase Policy
Local suppliers partnerships
Waste treatment sectors optimization and diversification
Supply of company electric vehicle
Local bee protection plan
Thermal and fertilizer-free weeding of landscaped areas
Silver Ecovadis
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