Prendre soin des femmes

Take care of women

Range women’s well-being


Chemineau Labs offer a women’s range to relieve women’s from diseases that may appear thoughout their lives.

Our intimate gel Rosebud


Medical Device class IIa

Lubricating gel Rosebud relieves and hydrates intimate regions in case of dryness and pain during sexual intercourse.
Hyualuronic acid and aloe vera based, it hydrates the vagina entrance and lubricate as soon as it is applied.

Vitamin PP improves hydratation
Non greasy, non sticky, colour and odour-free
Doesn’t stain neither dry
Condoms compatible
Airless 30 ml size and travel size 1,5 ml

Our Heavy Legs Ice gel



Heavy Legs Ice is a gel used to treat veinous system trouble, and allows to relieve heavy legs or tired legs feeling, decongestion legs and brings a well-being feeling, tonify and gives an immediate long-lasting fresh feeling.

Levomenthol creates an imediate freshening effect
Pregnant and breastfeeding woman friendly
Non- greasy, non-sticky formula
40 and 150ml tube
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