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Reduce pain

Traumatology range


Chemineau Labs offer a traumatology range of product in order to reduce pain after an injury.

Our product to reduce pain


Arnica Gel


Arnica gel developed by our R&D service reduces pain and provides a well-being feeling.
Arnica montana is recognized for its soothing and restorative virtues
which are immediately reducing pains due to a fall or a shock. It prevents hematoma appearing and is adapted to kids and adults.

Fresh smell based on sweet orange and citrus essential oil
Refreshing and soothing effect
Recognized from years against small injuries
Very good tolerance and safe product
Convenient size : 30ml tube





Our ibuprofen-based solutions contain a NSAI and are prescribed, for adults and over 15 years old kids, in short period treatment of mild traumas: sprains (strains), bruises.

Short-period local treatment
Suitable for sprains and bruises
MA available in 60g tube gel
MA available in 35g spray pump
MA available in 50g pressurized spray



Diclofenac is prescribed in case of tendinitis, of trauma from a knock or surgery, or in case of arthrosis.

Local complementary treatment.
For following indications: benign trauma, contusion, muscle pain, tendinoligament pain, acute osteoarthritis

MA available in tube 50g gel
MA available in 50ml BOV gel
MA available in 100ml BOV gel
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