Favoriser l’hygiène bucco-dentaire

Contribute to oral healthcare

Oral Care range


Chemineau Labs offer a range dedicated to oral care based on cranberry extract to support families in their daily oral healthcare.

Our mouthwash


Natural Cranberry mouthwash


Natural cranberry mouthwash doesn’t affect buccal microbiotic equilibrium, but avoid adhesion of specific biofilm bacteria. This activity is due to Cranberry well known for its anti-adhesive properties, as well as more traditionally recognized for its anti-inflammatory effect on mucosa.

Natural Formula
Mint taste for a pleasant and fresh feeling
Acts on dental plaque
Reduces the bacteria concentration in saliva
2 sizes: 100ml and 300ml

Our toothpaste


Cranberry toothpaste


The « Cranberry toothpaste 1% » is indicated in oral daily hygiene. It helps to prevent and reduce bacteria biofilm responsible for dental plaque.
Mint tasty, it gives a great fresh feeling, providing a fresh breath. It is recommended in regular use, and mild brushing after each meal.

Fluor and alcohol-free
Can be used by children above 3 years old, pregnant and breastfeeding women
Exists in travel size 15ml and 75ml size
Cranberry is recognized for tooth decays prevention and parodontal diseases treatment, from which gingivitis

Our halitosis spray


Cranberry halitosis spray


Fresh breathed, you feel comfortable and confident in the social environment. Tongue bacterial colonies often leads to a bad mouth taste. A regular teeth brushing doesn’t avoid halitosis. This is why our halitosis spray, daily used, will contribute to neutralize halitosis.

An agent reducing plaque and tooth decays by inhibiting cariogenic bacteria growth
A well-known gum as a filmogen agent contributing to plaque inhibition by creating an enamel surface protective effect, and by improving salivating
A mint flavour which immediatly refresh the mouth
Practical size: 10ml spray
Adults and Child over 6 years old
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