Prendre soin de bébé

Take care of baby

Baby range


Chemineau Labs offer a baby care range to support parents all day long in daily baby care

Our liniment


Natur’olea care


Our olive oil based liniment is an essential oleo limestone liniment to clean baby skin during the nappy changing.
It is 100% natural, and prevents irritation and nappy rash.

100% natural: easily and naturally clean baby’s buttocks
Helps to restore skin natural pH
Baby skin high tolerance
Creates a dermo-protector biofilm
Lots of size available: 5ml sachet, or 100 to 500 ml bottles

Our gel to reduce pain


Arnica gel starting from 3 years old


Arnica gel developed by our R&D service reduces pain and provides a well-being feeling.
Arnica montana is recognized for its soothing and restorative virtues which are immediately reducing pains due to a fall or a shock. It prevents hematoma appearing and is adapted to kids and adults.

Fresh smell based on sweet orange and citrus essential oil
Refreshing and soothing effect
Recognized from years against small injuries
Very good tolerance and safe product
Convenient size : 30ml tube

Our sea water nasal spray for daily hygiene


Isotonic sea water

Medical Device Class IIa

Isotonic sea water is harmless, its salt concentration is similar to our body’s one, so 9g/L.
Its daily use is highly recommended to clean nasal mucosa and to prevent rhinitis and sinusitis.
In young children it facilitates nose blowing and prevent rhinitis.

Clean and softly clear the nose.
Helps reducing drugs use
Bag on Valve technology
Several actuators and colors available: baby mist, spray, jet
Variety of sizes: 50,100, 125 and 150 ml
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