Nos services personnalisés

Our customized services

Chemineau Labs service adapted to any of your project


We offer to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry Brands a global flexible and diversified offer answering to quality, volumes, packaging, and feasibility needs. You can call Chemineau any step of your project.

In Chemineau, choose the tailor-made solution that suits your needs.


Our experimented teams commit on your development and support you to make your project successful.

A contract manufacturing project


You have the idea and the formula?

We can manufacture your product.

A global project


You have an idea ?

We develop your product from formulation to market.

A co-development project


You have ideas but you want to be supported in each process step ?

Let’s create your product together!

A turn-key project


You want to extend your range of product ?

We offer you a full portfolio on the following therapeutic areas: ENT, dermatology, traumatology, women’s well-being… discover Chemineau’s portfolio here.

Your tailor made project answer


Need a study, a quote, any technical question ?

Get in touch with our teams !

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