Laboratoire contrôle qualité

Quality Control Laboratory

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Since 1947, Chemineau Labs take care of quality control from raw material reception to finished products release. As a key actor of compliance and quality, we set up controls in compliance with Quality Technical Agreements signed with our customers.Today, we have 30 technical people to the service of your drugs quality, qualified for all our analysis equipment. We are autonomous on quality control thanks to our 40 technologies which we are expert of.Our team is able to transfer analysis to comply with your requests and following your MA Dossier, and EP and USP.

Our quality service strenghts

6 HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography )
Autonomous microbiological laboratory
Various forms and nature of raw material controlled with high expectation criteria.
Lead time respect
Analytical I&A
An experimented team for analytical transfers



1. Reception and sampling

30 qualified operators
40 different equipments, allowing to control over 500 raw materials, and over 250 finished products.

2. Control

Physichochemical and microbiological analysis
Following EP, USP, MA

3. Release and Certificate of Analysis issue

Results are evaluated and qualified by our pharmacists to release the finished product and issue the CoA.

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